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    Download Visvesvaraya Technological University Bachelor of Engineering First Semester Elements of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics (06 CIV 13/23) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Visvesvaraya Technological University is popularly called as VTU and it is a technical university that came into existence in the year 1998 on the 1st April. The duration of Bachelor of Engineering course offered by the university is four years, which is further divided into eight semesters.

    About First and Second Semester of the Bachelor of Engineering course:

    The first two semester of the Engineering course offered by VTU have common papers and the papers during these two semesters are grouped under three categories namely basic sciences, engineering subjects and languages.

    Papers offered under the category of engineering subjects:

    The first and second semester of the Bachelor of Engineering course includes the following 10 papers under the category of engineering subjects:
    Environmental Studies
    Constitution of India & Professional Ethics
    Basic Electronics
    Workshop Practice
    Elements of Mechanical Engineering
    Basic Electrical Engineering
    Computer Programming Laboratory
    Elements of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
    Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
    Computer concept & Programming

    About Elements of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics paper:

    Code number of this paper according to the syllabus introduced in the year 2006 is 06 CIV 13/06 CIV 23 and syllabus for this paper is divided into two parts with a total of eight units as given below:


    Unit I:
    Introduction to Civil Engineering, Infrastructure
    Bridges and dams
    Unit II: Introduction to Engineering Mechanics
    Unit III: Composition of forces, composition of co-planner,
    Unit IV: Centroid of plane figures

    Part B:

    Unit V: Equilibrium of forces
    Unit VI: Types of Supports
    Unit VII: Friction
    Unit VIII: Moment of interia of an area

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Previous Years question papers of elements of civil engineering and engineering mechanics paper are given in the attachment.

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