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    Download Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Bachelor of Computer Applications Third Semester Object Oriented Programming Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Object Oriented Programming paper is offered in the third year of the Bachelor of Computer Applications course of VNGSU. According to the current syllabus followed by the university, the code number of this paper is 305, while according to the old syllabus, its code is 304.

    Syllabus for Object Oriented Programming paper:

    Syllabus for this paper includes chapters under the following heads:

    • Principles of object oriented Programming
    • Object oriented Properties
    o Introduction to object oriented properties
    o Abstraction
    o Polymorphism
    o Inheritance
    o Dynamic Polymorphism
    • Data Files

    Reference books for the paper:

    • Stroustrup: The C++ programming Language-Adission Wesley
    • Robert Lofore in Turbo C++ Publication
    • Lippman :C++ Primer-Adission Weslev
    • Probal Sengupta:Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals & Applications-PHI
    • Herbert Schildt the Complete Reference;Osborne
    • Let us c++-Yashwant Kanetkar-TMh Publication
    • Programming c++-E BalaguruSamy-BPB

    Question paper pattern for Object Oriented Programming paper:

    Examination for this paper will be conducted for 70 marks for a duration of three hours. There will be five questions in total and all of them should be answered by students. But, there will be internal choices in each of these five questions in such a way that students to select the questions that they are confident to answer.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Object Oriented Programming paper for 2006 to 2012 are given in the attachment.

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