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    Download Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Bachelor of Computer Applications Second Semester Programming Language - I Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Veer Narmad South Gujarat University is one among the different public universities offering education from the state of Gujarat and it was established in the year 1967. Previously, the name of this university was called as South Gujarat University and it was renamed in the year 2004. The university is offering education in the faculties of science, rural studies, medicine, law, management, engineering, education, commerce and arts.

    Bachelor of Computer Applications course from VNGSU:

    This course is being offered by the university through its faculty of science and the duration of this course is three years, which is further divided into six semesters. Of these six semesters of the course, the names of subjects offered in the second semester of the course are given below:

    • Organizational structure and behavior
    • Financial accounting
    • Operating system
    • Programming language – I
    • DBMS

    Apart from these five papers, the semester also includes a practical paper and a foundation elective paper to be selected by the candidates.

    Syllabus for Programming Language – I Paper:

    Syllabus for this paper includes the following chapters:

    • Introduction to Programming Language and its IDE
    • Constants & variables
    • Expression and operations
    • Input and output functions
    • Jumping, branching & looping statements
    • Built in functions
    • Arrays
    • Introduction to pointer
    • Structure & union
    • Storage classes and its use

    Reference books for Programming Language – I Paper:

    • Mastering turbo C - Stan Kelly - BPB
    • C Language Programming - Byron Gottfried - TMH
    • Mastering Turbo C - Kelly & Bootle - BPB
    • Programming in C - Stephan Kochan - CBS
    • The spirit of C - Cooper H & Mullish H - Jaico Publications
    • C Programming Language - Karnigham & Ritchie - TMH
    • Programming in C - Balagurusami – TMH

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past question papers of Programming Language – I paper of the second semester of BCA course are given in the attachment.

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