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    Download Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Bachelor of Computer Applications Second Semester Database Management Systems Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) is a state university offering education from the state of Gujarat and the Bachelor of Computer Applications course offered by the university is divided into six semesters.

    Papers in the second semester of the BCA course of VNSGU:

    Second semester of the Bachelor of Computer Applications course includes the following papers:

    • Computerized Financial Accounting
    • Organization Structure and Behavior
    • Introduction to Operating System
    • Programming Language – I
    • Database Management Systems

    All the above-mentioned papers are theoretical papers, while there is a practical paper as well in the second semester of the BCA course.

    Syllabus for Database Management Systems (DBMs) paper:

    Code number of this paper is 205 and syllabus for this course includes the following chapters:
    • Introduction to Database Systems
    • Relational database design
    • Microsoft Access

    Reference books for DBMS Paper:

    • ABC of Microsoft Access: Cowart Robert: BPB publication
    • Access Database Design & Programming - Steven Roman - O’Reilly
    • Access — The Complete Reference - Virginia Andersen - McGraw-Hill
    • Introduction to database management — Navin Prakash — TM
    • Principles of database systems- Jeffery Ullman-Galgotia Publication
    • An introduction to database systems — C.J. Date-Addison-Wesley
    • Introduction to Database management system — Bipin. C. Desai- Galgotia
    • Database system concepts — Henry F.Korth & Abrahim Silberschatz - IMR

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past question papers of DBMS paper offered in the second semester of BCA course of VNSGU are given in the attachment.

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