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    Download Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University Bachelor of Commerce First Year Business Statistics (BC-02) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University (VMOU) offers Bachelor of Commerce as a pass course with a duration of three years.

    About first year of the B. Com course:

    The first year of the Bachelor of Commerce course offered by the VMOU includes General Hindi and Environmental studies as compulsory subjects and when it comes to optional subjects offered in the course, optional courses are offered under three main categories and of these three categories, any one category must be chosen by candidates and the categories offered are:

    Accounting and Business Statistics
    Business Administration
    Economic Administration and Financial Management

    About Business Statistics subject:

    This is an optional subject offered in the first year B. Com course under the category of Accounting and Business statistics and the code number of this paper is BC-02. It is offered as Paper II under the Accounting and Business statistics, while the Paper I is Financial Accounting.

    Pattern of university exam question paper for Business Statistics paper:

    Final examination for this paper will have 10 questions in total out of which any five are to be answered by candidates. The paper will have both theoretical type questions and problem oriented questions and candidates can attempt any questions of their choice. Each question carry equal marks irrespective of whether it is theoretical or problem-oriented question.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past question papers of Business statistics paper offered as an optional paper in the first year of B. Com course of VMOU are given in the attachment.

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