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    Download University of Pune Master of Arts in English (Part I) Second Semester English Language Today - I (Paper 2.3) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Master of Arts in English course offered by Pune University extends to a period of two years and the university follows semester pattern for this course and therefore it has four semesters in total.

    Papers in the second semester of the course:

    Since second semester comes in the first year of the course, it is called as Part I second semester and the following papers are offered in this semester:

    Paper 2.1 : English Literature from 1550-1832 (II)
    Paper 2.2 : English literature from 1832 to 1980 (II)
    Paper 2.3 : English Language Today (II)
    Paper 2.4 : Contemporary Critical Theory (II)

    All these four papers are called as core papers and only during the third and fourth semester of the course students are offered with optional papers to select from.

    Objective of Paper 2.3:

    English language today (II) is referred to as paper 2.3 and the objective of this paper is to familiarize the ideology of communication, English language and communication technology as a communication means. The paper also aims at familiarizing the students with the phonological, morphological, lexical and syntactic systems of the language.

    Course content:

    This paper includes chapter under the following heads:

    Language & Society
    o Language variation
    o Language contact
    Distinctive features of British, American and Indian English

    Previous years question papers:

    Past five years question paper of English Language Today II papers are given in the attachment.

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