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    Download University of North Bengal Directorate of Distance Education Master of Arts Political Science Part I Main Currents of Political Thought in India (Emphasis on Modern India) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    North Bengal University is the other name of the University of North Bengal and the university was established in the year 1962 and the university has its own Directorate of Distance Education for offering courses through distance mode.

    PG courses offered by NBU DDE:

    Post Graduation courses are offered by the Directorate of Distance Education of North Bengal University in seven different subjects and they are Bengali, English, History, Mathematics, Nepali, Philosophy and political science. The duration of these courses offered by the DDE of NBU are two years.

    Subjects offered in the first year of M.A. Political Science course:

    The first year of the Master of Arts in Political Science course offered by the North Bengal University is called as Part-I and it includes the following nine papers:

    Course No. 1: Political thoughts (Western Political Thought)
    Course No. 2: Main Currents of Political Thought in India (Emphasis on Modern India)
    Course No. 3: Indian Politics: Structure and Setting
    Course No. 4: Indian Politics: Process and Issues
    Course No. 5: Public administration: Approaches, Principles and Theories
    Course No. 6: Development Administration (with special reference to Indian Administration)
    Course No. 7: International Relations: Theories and Problems
    Course No. 8: Contemporary Political Issues
    Course No. 9: Western Political Theory: Approaches, Models and Theories

    Syllabus for Main Currents of Political Thought in India (Emphasis on Modern India) paper:

    Syllabus for this paper which is called as course-II is divided into five units and they are:

    Unit I: Traditions in Modern India
    Unit II: Thoughts of 19th Century Renaissance
    Unit III: Basic Presuppositions of Gandhian Philosophy
    Unit IV: Aurobindo and the construction of Indian Nation
    Unit V: Left Thinking

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous years question papers of course 2 of M.A. Political Science offered by DDE of NBU are given in the attachment.

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