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    Download University of Kerala Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) Combined First and Second Semester Engineering Graphics - CEPRUF Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    University of Kerala’s Bachelor of Technology course has common subjects for different specializations in the first two semesters of the course and the names of common papers are given below:

    Common papers in the first two semesters:

    • Engineering Mathematics
    • Engineering Physics
    • Engineering Chemistry
    • Engineering Graphics
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Basic Civil Engineering
    • Basic Mechanical Engineering
    • Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    • Basic Communication and Information Engineering
    • Engineering Workshops

    About Engineering Graphics:

    This paper is offered in two different types namely Engineering Graphics (CEPRUF) and Engineering Graphics (MNHTAB). This paper was offered by the university in the 2003 syllabus and it is also being offered in the 2008 syllabus with its code numbers as 03.104 and 08-104 respectively. Syllabus according to the year 2008 includes the following three modules:

    • Module I: Plain curves, miscellaneous curves, projection of points and lines
    • Module II: Projection of solids, selection of solids, development of surfaces
    • Module III: Isometric Projection, perspective projection, CAD

    Reference books for 08-104 paper:

    • K.N. Anil Kumar; Engineering Graphics
    • K.C. John; Engineering Graphics
    • Thamaraselvi; Engineering Drawing
    • K.R. Gopalakrishnan; Engineering Drawing
    • P.I. Varghese; Engineering Graphics
    • P.S. Gill; Engineering Graphics
    • K. Venugopal ; Engineering Drawing and Graphics
    • N. D. Bhatt ; Engineering Drawing
    • Luzadder and Duff ; Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing

    Previous years question papers:

    Question paper Engineering graphics - CEPRUF of May 2009 according to 2003 and 2008 syllabus are given in the attachment.

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