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    Download University of Kerala Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) Combined First and Second Semester Basic Mechanical Engineering Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Bachelor of Technology course is being offered the Kerala University in a number of specializations like information technology, industrial engineering, mechanical, biotechnology & biochemical engineering, electrical & electronics engineering, chemical engineering, electronics & communication engineering, computer science & engineering, applied electronics & instrumentation engineering and civil engineering.

    Common I and II semester papers:

    Irrespective of the branch of engineering chosen by candidates, they will have to study the same papers in the I and II semesters of the course as common papers and here is the list of papers:

    • Engineering mathematics
    • Engineering physics
    • Engineering chemistry
    • Engineering graphics
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Basic civil engineering
    • Basic mechanical engineering
    • Basic Electrical & electronics engineering
    • Basic communication & information engineering
    • Engineering workshops

    About Basic Mechanical Engineering paper:

    As from the name the objective of the paper is to offer a fundamental understanding to all branch students about some of the concepts of mechanical engineering and syllabus for the subject includes chapters under the following modules:

    • Module I – Thermodynamics
    • Module II – Principles and field of application
    • Module III – Mechanical Power transmission systems

    Reference books for the paper:

    • Spalding and Cole, “Engineering Thermodynamics”
    • Gill, Smith and Zuirys, “Fundamentals of IC Engines”
    • Amstead, Ostwald and Begeman, “Manufacturing processes”
    • Crouse, “Automobile Engineering”
    • Roy and Choudhary, “Elements of Mechanical Engineering”
    • Hajra Choudhary, “Workshop Technology”
    • R K Bensal, “Fluid mechanics and machines”
    • J Benjamin, “Basic Mechanical Engineering”

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of basic mechanical engineering paper belonging to 2003 and 2008 syllabus are given in the attachment.

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