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    Download Union Public Service Commission Geologist Exam Geology Paper III Previous Years Question Papers

    The Geologist Examination is one among the different recruitment examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission and this examination is conducted for the purpose of recruitment of candidates to the Central Ground Water Board and Geological Survey of India during the month of November each year and the notification for the same is issued during the month of June every year so as to enable eligible candidates to apply for the examination in such a way that they can find job opportunity in the position of Geologist in Central Ground Water Board and Geological Survey of India.

    About Geologist examination:

    The Geologist examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in two parts being written examination and interview. The first part, written examination is divided into five papers as follows:

    Section I - General English
    Section II Geology Paper I
    Section III Geology Paper II
    Section IV Geology Paper III
    Section V - Hydrogeology

    Sections I, II and III are common for all candidates, while the fourth part is meant for candidates applying for jobs in Geological Survey of India and Section V is meant for candidates applying for geologist job in Central Ground Water Board.

    Syllabus for Geology Paper III:

    Syllabus for Geology Paper III is divided into the following sections:

    Section A: Indian Mineral Deposits and Mineral Economics
    Section B: Ore Genesis
    Section C: Mineral Exploration
    Section D: Geology of Fuels
    Section E: Engineering Geology

    Previous Years Question Papers of Geology III Paper:

    Candidates, who wish to apply for Geologist position in Geological Survey of India can practice for Geology III paper from the previous years question papers given as attachment.

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