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    Download Teerthanker Mahaveer University (College of Pharmacy) Bachelor of Pharmacy 1st Semester Pharmaceutics - I (General Pharmacy) (BPH 103) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Bachelor of Pharmacy course is offered by Teerthanker Mahaveer University through its College of Pharmacy, which is one among the different constituent colleges functioning under the university.

    About B. Pharm course:

    The Bachelor of Pharmacy course offered by the College of Pharmacy extends to a period of four years, which includes eight semesters in total and the names of subjects offered in the 1st semester of the course are as follows:

    First semester papers:

    • Fundamentals Mathematics/Fundamental Biology
    • Pharmaceutical Analysis – I
    • Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
    • Pharmaceutics – I (G. Pharmacy)
    • Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology – I
    • Foundation English – I

    Apart from these theoretical papers, four other practical papers are also offered in the Bachelor of Pharmacy course.

    Pharmaceutics – I subject content:

    According to the current syllabus followed by the university, the code number of this paper is BPH103 and previously the paper was called as pharmaceutics (General Pharmacy) with its code number as BPH104. Syllabus for this course includes the following units:

    • Unit I – History of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Additives
    • Unit II – Size reduction
    • Unit III – Pharmaceutical Calculations
    • Unit IV – Extraction & Galenicals
    • Unit V – Mixing, Introduction to Pharmaceutical dosage forms

    Recommended books for pharmaceutics – I (G. Pharmacy) paper:

    • Pharmacopoeia of India, The Controller of Publications, Delhi.
    • British Pharmacopoeia, Her Majesty’s Stationary Office, University Press, Cambridge.
    • Carter S.J., Cooper & Gunn’s Tutorial Pharmacy, CBS Publishers, Delhi.
    • Rawlins E.A., Bentley’s Text Book of Pharmaceutics, ELBS Bailliere Tyndall.
    • Lachman L., Liberman H.A. & Kanig J.L., Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy, Leaand Febiger.
    • Cooper and Gunn’s Dispensing for Pharmaceutical Students, CBS Publishers, New Delhi.

    Previous years question papers:

    Previous years question papers of pharmaceutics – I (G. Pharmacy) paper according to current syllabus and Pharmaceutics (G. Pharmacy) according to old syllabus are given in the attachment.

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