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    Download Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University B. Ed Peace and Value Education (UDEC) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    As from the name Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University shortly called as TNTEU is meant for offering teacher education courses and the university is functioning from the state of Tamil Nadu with its campus located in the capital city of Chennai. All most all teacher education colleges in the state are affiliated to this university and the university offers B. Ed, M. Ed and B. Ed special education courses for preparing well-trained teachers for the future generations.

    Syllabus for B. Ed course:

    For all the courses offered by the university, it follows different syllabus for students admitted during the academic year beginning with 2009 and 2010 and different syllabus for students admitted during the academic year 2008-2009. According to the new syllabus, the Peace and value education is given code number as UDEC.

    About UDEC paper:

    This is one of the elective papers offered in the B. Ed course offered with the objective of enabling the future teachers to understand the concept of peace and value education. According the syllabus for this paper includes chapters under the following units:

    Peace education
    Integrating peace education in the present curriculum
    Non-violence for peace and conflict resolution
    Global issues and peace movements
    Educating for a culture of peace
    Value education
    Fostering values
    Value conflict
    Approaches and Strategies

    Previous years question papers:

    Past five term question papers of UDEC paper are given in the attachment for the reference of candidates.

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