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    Download Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University B. Ed Educational Innovations and Management (UDAC) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University shortly called as TNTEU was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu with the objective of offering high quality education and to monitor teacher education according to the approval of the National Council for Teacher Education.

    Courses offered by TNTEU:

    As the name implies, the university is specially meant for offering teacher education courses and the following courses are offered by the university:

    Bachelor of Education
    Bachelor of Education (Special Education)
    Master of Education

    Core Subjects in B. Ed course:

    The Bachelor of Education course offered by the university includes the following three core subjects:

    Education in Emerging Indian Society
    Psychology of Learning and Human Development
    Educational Innovations and Management

    About Educational Innovations and Management Paper:

    This core subjects has its code as BDAC and the main objective of the paper is to offer an understanding to the future teachers with respect to the terms used in educational innovations and management. Syllabus for this paper is divided under two groups as given below:

    A. Educational Innovations:

    o Unit I: Innovation
    o Unit II: Innovations and experiments in schools
    o Unit III: Innovations in teaching and learning process
    o Unit IV: ICT in Education
    o Unit V: Innovation in Evaluation

    B. Educational Management:

    o Unit VI: Management
    o Unit VII: Areas of Educational Management
    o Unit VIII: Educational Planning and Organization
    o Unit IX: Management of Resources
    o Unit X: Quality in Education

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past question papers of Educational Innovations and Management paper offered for students admitted after the academic year 2009-2010 are given in the attachment.

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