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    Download Tamil Nadu Open University Bachelor of Science in Geography First Year Statistics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Tamil Nadu Open University is popularly known as TNOU and it is an open university offering education from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The university has framed its operations following the footsteps of the popular open university of the nation, Indira Gandhi National Open University.

    About B. Sc Geography course:

    Bachelor of Science in Geography is one among the different UG courses offered by the university. The course extends to a period of three years and the names of subjects offered by the university in the first year of the Bachelor of Science in Geography course are given below:

    Physical Geography
    Practical I Preliminary Exercises and Relief Study

    About Statistics paper:

    The code number of this paper is BGEAL 11 and the syllabus for this paper is divided into five blocks as given below:

    Block I Origin, Meaning, Definition and characteristics of statistic
    Block II Classification and Tabulation of Data
    Block III Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
    Block IV Measures of Skewness
    Bock V Time series

    Pattern of Statistics question papers in B. Sc Geography course of TNOU:

    The maximum marks allotted for this paper is 75 and the duration allowed for completion of the paper is three hours. The question paper will be divided into two parts with Part A carrying 25 marks and part B carrying 50 marks. Part A will have five questions and all five should be answered with each question carrying five marks. Part B will have seven questions and any five are to be answered with each question carrying 10 marks thereby making a total of 50 marks for this section.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    TNOU B. Sc Geography candidates can download previous years question papers of Statistics paper from the attachment.

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