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    Download Tamil Nadu Open University Bachelor of Business Administration with Computer Application Second Year Financial & Management Accounting (BBAC 21) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    BBAC 21 is the Financial and Management accounting paper offered in the second year of the Bachelor of Business Administration with Computer Applications course offered at the UG level by TNOU Tamil Nadu Open University. The course has eight credits and syllabus for this paper includes chapters under the following blocks:

    Syllabus for BBAC 21 paper:

    Block I Financial Accounting, Double Entry Book keeping
    Bloc II Preparation of trial balance
    Block III Management Accounting, Ratio analysis
    Block IV Fund flow analysis
    Block V Marginal cost

    Recommended books for the paper:

    Principles of Accounting - Finnery H.A. & Miller. H.E.
    Advanced Accounts - M.C. Shukla & T.S.Grewal
    Advanced Accountancy - Jain. S.P. & Narang. K.L.
    Management Accounting - S.N. Maheswari
    Management Accounting - R.K.Sharma & Sasi Gupta

    Question paper pattern:

    TNOU conducts final examination for BBAC 21 paper for 75 marks with Section A carrying 15 marks and section B carrying 60 marks. There will be both theoretical and problem oriented questions and each question in section A carries 5 marks, while each question in section B carries 15 marks. Any three out of five and any four out of seven questions should be answered in section A and section B respectively.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past two years question papers of BBAC 21 paper belonging to June 2010 and June 2009 are given in the attachment.

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