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    Download Tamil Nadu Open University B.A. Economics Third Year Indian Economy (BEC 33) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    As per its name, Tamil Nadu Open University offers a number of courses under the open education system and the university is popularly known for its courses in the state of Tamil Nadu. A number of courses are offered by the university under the Bachelor’s degree programme category and Bachelor of Arts in Economics is one such course.

    About B.A. Economics:

    This course extends to a period of three years and this course is meant for candidates, who have completed their higher secondary education in any stream of education. The list of papers offered by the university in the third year of the course is given below:

    Third year papers:

    • International Economics
    • Fiscal Economics
    • Indian Economy
    • Environmental Economics
    • Managerial Economics

    About Indian Economy paper:

    Syllabus for this paper is divided into five blocks as given below:

    • Block – I - Introduction, Human Resources and National Income
    • Block – II - Agriculture and History
    • Block – III - Labour, Employment and Planning in India
    • Block –IV - Foreign Trade and Foreign Capital
    • Block V - Poverty and Human Rights

    Recommended books for Indian Economy paper:

    • Ruddar Datt and K.P.M. Sundharam, Indian Economy – S. Chand and Company Ltd., New Delhi.
    • S. Dhingra, The Indian Economy, Environment and Policy – Sultan Chand and Sons. New Delhi.
    • K.K. Dewett, J.D.Varma and M.L.Sharma, Indian Economics – S.Chand and Company Ltd., New Delhi.
    • A.N. Agarwal, Indian Economy – New Age International (P) Ltd., Delhi.
    • S.K. Misra and V.K. Pun, Indian Economy – Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Indian Economy paper offered in the third year of B.A. Economics course are given in the attachment.

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