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    Download Tamil Nadu Open University B.A. Economics Second Year History of Economic Thought Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Bachelor of Arts in Economics course is being offered by the open university of the state of Tamil Nadu and like any other UG course, this course extends to a period of three years and here are the names of subjects offered in the course in all three years are given below:

    Papers in B.A. Economics:

    First Year:

    Micro Economics
    Monetary Economics
    Economics of Marketing

    Second Year:

    History of Economic thought
    Macro Economics
    Economic Statistics

    Third Year:

    International Economics
    Fiscal Economics
    Indian Economy
    Environmental Economics
    Managerial Economics

    About History of Economic thought paper:

    Syllabus for this paper is divided into five blocks as given below:

    Introduction to Classical School
    Socialistic and Nationalist and Historical School
    Austrian and Mathematical School
    Alfred Marshall Welfare Economics
    Gandhian Economics

    Recommended books for History of Economic Thought paper:

    T.N.Hajela, History of Economic Thought, Tamil Nadu Book House.
    Loganathan.V. History of Economic Thought, S. Chand & Co., Delhi.
    Sankaran. S. History of Economic Thought, Margham Publications, Chennai.
    Srivastava. S.K. History of Economic Thought, S. Chand and Co., Delhi.
    D.M. Mithani, History of Economic Thought, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question papers of History of Economic thought paper offered in the second year of the B.A. Economics course are given in the attachment.

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