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    Download Tamil Nadu Open University B.A. Economics Second Year Economic Statistics (BECAL 21) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Bachelor of Arts in Economics is offered as a three-year course by Tamil Nadu Open University and as from the name of the university, the course is being offered under open education system.

    About Economic Statistics papers in B.A. Economics course:

    This paper is offered in the second year of the B.A. Economics course with its code number as BECAL 21. Syllabus for this subject includes chapters under the following blocks:

    Block I: Introduction and presentation of Data
    Block II: Averages and measures of dispersion
    Block III: Skewness and Kurtosis and Time Series; Analysis
    Block IV: Index numbers, correlation and association of attributes
    Block V: Elementary theory of probability

    Recommended books for BECAL 21 paper:

    S.P. Gupta, Statistical methods, Sultan Chand Publications, New Delhi.
    Pillai, R.S.N. & Bagavathi, Statistics, S. Chand and Co., Delhi.
    Nagar, A.S. & Sharma. P.D. Statistical methods of Economic Analysis S. chand & Co., Delhi.
    Croxton, F.E. D.J. Crowdan and S. Kleen, Applied General Statistics, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi.
    Nagar. A.L. R.K. Das, Basic Statistics, Oxford University Press, Bombay

    Question paper pattern:

    Maximum marks allotted for the paper is 75 and there will be two sections in the question paper being Part A and Part B. Marks allotted for part A is 15 and that of Part B is 60. The question paper will have both theory oriented questions and problem-oriented questions.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Economic Statistics paper are given in the attachment.

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