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    Download Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Master of Computer Applications First Year Problem Solving Using C++ Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University came into existence in the year 1983 and the university is popularly known as Amravati University. It belongs to the state of Maharashtra, wherein its jurisdiction is spread over the entire western Vidarbha belt of the state. Right from its inception, the university has been contributing a great share towards the cultural, social and economic development of the society.

    MCA course from the university:

    The Master of Computer Applications course is offered by Amravati University under its Faculty of Engineering & Technology and the course is divided into four semesters. Some of the papers in this course are offered in common with the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science course shortly called as PGDCS and the list of papers offered in the first semester of the course is given below:

    Papers in the first semester of MCA course:

    Computer Organization
    Problem solving using C++
    Computer Oriented statistical methods
    Principles of Management
    Communication Skills
    Problem solving using C++ Lab
    Computer Oriented statistical methods Lab

    Problem solving using C++:

    This paper is called as MCA 2 and it is also denoted as CS 2 since it is offered as the second paper for both these courses. Syllabus for this course includes the following units:

    Object & Classes in C++
    Operator overloading
    Inheritance in C++
    Virtual functions concepts
    Streams & Files in C++
    Function templates

    Reference books:

    Robert Lafore Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (Galgotia)
    Herbert Schildt C++: Complete Reference (TMH)
    Bjarne Stroustrupe C++ Programming Language (Addison-Wesley)
    Lipmann C++ Primer (Addison-Wesley)
    Venugopal Mastering C++ (TMH)

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of MCA first year problem solving using C++ are given in the attachment.

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