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    Download Rajasthan Technical University B. Tech Computer Engineering Eighth Semester CAD for VLSI Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Rajasthan Technical University as the name implies is a technical university offering education from the state of Rajasthan and B. Tech course is being offered by the university in different branches like information technology, textile technology, EEE, ECE, Civil, Chemical, ceramic, computer engineering, etc

    About B. Tech Computer Engineering course:

    This course is divided into the eight semesters and Computer Aided Design for VLSI is one of the subjects offered in the seventh semester of the course according to the current syllabus. However, according the earlier syllabus of the university, this paper was offered in the eighth semester of the course.

    Content of CAD for VLSI:

    Syllabus for this paper includes chapters under the following heads:

    Unit I: Query processing and optimization
    Unit II: Object database systems
    Unit III: Parallel and distributed databases
    Unit IV: Database security and authorization
    Unit V: Postages and XMI

    Text and reference books:

    1. Elmasri R and Navathe SB, Fundamentals of Database Systems, 3rd Edition, Addison Wesley,2000.
    2. Connolly T, Begg C and Strachan A, Database Systems, 2nd Edition, Addison Wesley, 1999
    3. Ceri Pelagatti , Distributed Database: Principles and System - (McGraw Hill)
    4. Simon AR, Strategic Database Technology: Management for the Year 2000, Morgan Kaufmann, 1995
    5. A. Silversatz, H. Korth and S. Sudarsan: Database Cocepts 5th edition, Mc-Graw Hills 2005

    Question paper pattern:

    The question paper will have unit-wise questions and the total marks allotted for the paper is 80.

    Past question papers:

    Past question papers of CAD for VLSI are given in the attachment.
    Attached Images

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