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    Download R.V. Center for Cognitive Technologies Correspondence Course MS in ASIC Design First Year Basic VLSI and Analog Design Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    R.V. Center for Cognitive Technologies is shortly called RVCCT and the center is operating from the city of Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. The institute was established with the objective of conducting research and development work in the fields of biotechnology, computer science and electronics and it also offer Ph. D courses in collaboration with universities by signing of MOUs.

    Correspondence courses offered by the institute:

    The institute also offer three course through correspondence and they are:

    Master of Science in
    o ASIC Design
    o Mobile Communication & Internet Technology
    o Information Technology

    About Master of Science in ASIC Design:

    This course is shortly called as MS ASIC Design and there will be five papers in the first year of the course and they are:

    Basic VLSI & Analog Design
    ASIC design
    CAD Tool for VLSI
    Elective I
    o Digital Circuit Design using Verilog
    o RF Micro electronic chip design
    Elective II
    o PLA and FPGA
    o Low Power VLSI Design

    About Basic VLSI & Analog Design Paper:

    Examination for this paper is conducted for 100 marks in total, which includes 80 marks for theoretical examination and 20 marks for internal assessment. Syllabus for this paper includes the following chapters:

    Introduction to MOS Technology
    Fabrication Process
    Electrical Properties of MOS circuits
    Basic Circuits Concepts
    Design Rules & Scaling
    Combinational Circuit Designs
    Sequential MOS Logic Circuits
    Advance CMOS Logic
    RF and passive IC Components

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of MS ASIC Design first year Basic VLSI & Analog Design Paper are given in the attachment.

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