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    Download QTP Certification Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    QTP Certification Examination is conducted by HP and quality examination held on technology application marks the category of this certification. This certification will be issued by HP for candidates, who get through the core examination and elective papers.

    Applications for examination:

    Application for QTP certification examination can be obtained from the websites of HP and they can also be obtained from the prometric centers that act as the sites for clearing the examination.

    Registration for the examination:

    Candidates, who wish to take up the examination will have to register through the website of HP and they should also receive online voucher by paying the fee for the examination online. Otherwise, they can also contact the nearest prometric center.

    Pattern of examination:

    The examination will have a compulsory paper and also two other optional papers and candidates are at liberty to choose any one of the optional papers to take up the examination.

    ID for the examination:

    Whenever, a candidate registers for the examination, he will be provided with a prometric ID and this ID should be entered by him during the examination in the paper. It is essential that candidates will have to maintain the ID in security in order to avoid any discrepancies.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of the compulsory paper of QTP Certification examination conducted by HP are given in the attachment.
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