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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BCA 2nd Semester Principles of Management Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Bachelor of Computer Applications course is offered under the discipline of information technology by the Directorate of Distance Education of Punjab Technical University and of the different papers offered in the course, the principles of management paper is offered in the second semester. Subject code for this paper is BCA-201 and paper ID is A0206. Other than this paper, the following other papers are also offered in the BCA second semester by PTU Directorate of Distance education:

    BCA second semester papers:

    System Analysis Design
    Math I (Discrete)
    Data Structures
    Digital Ckt.& logic design
    Hardware Lab I
    Software Lab III

    Syllabus for Principles of Management:

    Syllabus for this paper is divided into the following three sections:

    Section I:

    Forms of business organizations and ownership: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Joint stock company, Public & Private undertakings, Government companies.
    Management: Meaning & definition of management, nature, scope and its various functions.

    Section II:

    Planning: nature and purpose, types, steps in planning, decision making: Strategic , tactical and operational decision, decision making process, rationality in decision making.
    Organizing: nature, importance, the organizing process, organizational objectives, formal and informal organization, organization chart, span of management: factors determining effective span, Departmentation: definition, departmentation by function, by territory, product/service customer group; management by objectives (MBO), Delegation, Decentralization v/s centralization.

    Section III:

    Staffing: definition, manpower management, factors affecting staffing, Recruitment and selection, Performance appraisal.
    Motivation: theories of Motivation; hierarchy of needs theory, theory of X and theory of Y.
    Leadership: styles, theories of leadership: trait approach and situational approach, managerial grid.
    Controlling: meaning & nature, steps in controlling, essentials of effective control systems.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Principles of Management paper are given in the attachment.

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