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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BCA 2nd Semester Math - I (Discrete Maths) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Bachelor of Computer Applications course offered through Distance Education Programme by Punjab Technical University is divided into six semesters and of these the second semester of the course has the following papers under its purview:

    Second semester BCA Papers:

    Principles of Management
    System Analysis & Design
    Math I (Discrete Maths)
    Data Structures
    Digital Ckt. & logic design
    Hardware Lab I
    Software Lab III

    About Math I (Discrete Maths):

    Subject code of this paper is BCA-203 to denote that it is offered as the third paper in the second semester of BCA course. Its paper ID is A0208 and syllabus for this paper is divided into the following three sections:

    Section I:

    Set theory. Relations and functions: Set notations and description, subsets, basic set operations. Venn diagrams, laws of set theory, partition of sets, min sets, duality principle, basic definitions of relations and functions, graphics of relations, properties of relations; injective, surjective and bijective functions, composition.

    Section II:

    Combinations: Rule of products, permutations, combinations.
    Algebra of Logic: Propositions and logic operations, truth tables and propositions generated by set, equivalence and implication laws of logic, mathematical system, and propositions over a universe, mathematical induction, quantifiers.
    Recursion and recurrence: The many faces of recursion, recurrence, relations, and some common recurrence relations, generating functions.

    Section III:

    Graph theory: Various types of graphics, simple and multigraphs, directed and undirected graphs, Eulerian and Hamiltonian graph, graph connectivity, traversals, graph optimizations, Graph coloring, trees, spanning trees, rooted trees, binary trees.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Math I (Discrete Maths) paper are given in the attachment.

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