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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BCA 1st Semester Programming in C Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Bachelor of Computer Applications course offered by the Punjab Technical University’s Directorate of Distance Education has a great demand among students and the course extends to a period of three years (6 semesters) with the following papers in the 1st semester of the course:
    Papers in the 1st semester of BCA course:

    • Introduction to Information Technology
    • Math (Bridge course)
    • Basic Accounting
    • Programming in C
    • Communication Skills
    • Communication & Soft Skills
    • Software Lab I
    • Software Lab II

    About Programming in C:

    The subject code for Programming in C paper is BCA-104, to denote it as the fourth papers in the 1st semester of the BCA course. Paper ID for this subject is A0204 and it is a theoretical paper with its syllabus divided into three sections. A broad outline of chapters covered under these sections is given below:

    • Section I: Fundamentals, operations and expressions, data input and output
    • Section II: Control Statements, Functions, Program Structure, Array
    • Section III: Structure and unions, data files, C-programming applications

    Pattern of Programming in C question paper:

    Semester examination for this paper will be conducted by the PTU’s DDE for 75 marks and there will be questions under two sections. Section A is compulsory section and all questions in this section should be compulsorily answered by candidates and total marks allotted for section A is 30. There will be 12 sections in Section B and any nine out of these 12 questions should be answered.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past four years question papers of Programming in C paper are given in the attachment.

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