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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BBA 3rd Semester Information Technology in Management Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University is a popular university not only in the state of Punjab, but also all over India and it is acting as the most sought after university for technical education in the whole India. The university not only offers regular courses, but it also offers courses under distance education scheme through its Director of Distance Education.

    Bachelor of Business Administration:

    The Bachelor of Business Administration is one among the different management courses offered by the PTU through its DDE. This course is offered for a period of three-year duration like the other UG courses, which is further divided into six semesters of which the names of the third semester papers of are given below:

    Business Mathematics
    Cost Accounting
    Logistics Management
    Human Resource Management
    Production & Operation Management
    Information Technology in Management

    Syllabus of Information Technology in Management paper:

    The Code number of Information Technology in Management paper is BBA-306 and this number is used for denoting it as the sixth paper in the 3rd semester of the course. Paper ID for this subject is B0117 and its syllabus includes the following:

    Section I:

    Communication models: Development of Modern Models of communication their role in Business organization, introduction to communication software, features and uses.

    Section II:

    Computer N/W: Need for computer networking (LAN and WAN) their characteristics, features and uses; Networking goals and applications; International, national, public and private networks.
    Networking aspects of video conferencing, imaging and multimedia.

    Section III:

    Transmission facilities Study of Teleprocessing, real time and message control systems, tele conferencing, fax, electronic mail, telephone network, radio and satellite communications, videotext, public message switching system, microwave communication, data transmission facilities.

    Previous year question papers:

    PTU BBA candidates, who are doing their course through the Directorate of Distance education, can download previous years question papers of third semester Information Technology in Management paper from the attachment.

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