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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BBA 3rd Semester Human Resource Management Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University, which is shortly called as PTU as from the name is meant for offering technical education and the special feature of this technical university is that it not only offers courses under regular mode, but also offers a number of courses through distance education mode as well. The university offers distance education courses under two main disciplines being IT & Management and Applied Technologies, where IT & Management includes many subjects and again applied technologies includes many subjects.

    About BBA course:

    The BBA course comes under the IT & Management discipline and this course extends to a period of three years, which is further divided into six semesters.

    Subjects offered in the third semester of the BBA course:

    The third semester comes under the second year of the BBA course offered by PTU through distance education and this semester includes the following subjects:

    Business Mathematics
    Cost Accounting
    Logistics Management
    Human Resource Management
    Production & Operation Management
    Information Technology in Management

    Syllabus of Human Resource Management paper:

    Human Resource Management is a subject with code number BBA-304, which indicates that it is the fourth paper in the third semester of the BBA course. The Paper ID is B0115 and it has the following syllabus:

    Section I:

    Human Resource Management: Nature, Objectives and importance.
    Human Resource Planning: Definition, Objectives, Process and Importance.

    Section II:

    Recruitment, selection, placement and induction, training, transfer and promotion policies. Job compensation, incentives and other benefits, career management and development, performance evaluation.

    Section III:

    Quality of work-life, team working, quality circles, job-satisfaction and morale.
    Social security and health, Grievance handling, disciplinary action, introduction to collective bargaining.

    Previous year question papers:

    PTU BBA candidates, who are doing their course through the Directorate of Distance education, can download previous years question papers of third semester Human Resource Management paper from the attachment.

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