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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BBA 3rd Semester Cost Accounting Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University not only offers regular courses, but the university also offers courses under distance education mode through its Directorate of Distance Education. Under the Directorate of Distance Education, a wide range of courses are offered by the university under two main disciplines namely Applied Technologies and IT & Management. These two disciplines are further divided into different sub disciplines for conferring degrees.

    About BBA course:

    Bachelor of Business Administration is one among the different courses offered by PTU through distance education mode. The duration of this course is three years divided into six semesters and the students taking up this course have the option of choosing from different specializations like marketing, information technology, human resource management and finance.

    Subjects offered in the third semester of the BBA course:

    The third semester of the BBA course includes six papers and they are:

    Business Mathematics
    Cost Accounting
    Logistics Management
    Human Resource Management
    Production & Operation Management
    Information Technology in Management

    Syllabus of Cost Accounting paper:

    Cost Accounting is a subject with code number BBA-302, which indicates that it is the second paper in the third semester of the BBA course. The Paper ID is B0113 and it has the following syllabus:

    Section I: Concept & classification: Material, labour, overhead, fixed & variable, direct & indirect, product & period costs.
    Cost volume profit analysis: Contribution, PV ratios, Break even analysis

    Section II: Conditions of boom & depression, margin of safety.
    Relevant costs & decision making: Pricing product profitability, make or buy decision.

    Section III: Standard costing and variance analysis: Material labour & overhead, reconciliation between budgeted profit and actual profit, preparation of cost-sheet.

    Previous year question papers:

    PTU BBA candidates, who are doing their course through the Directorate of Distance education, can download previous years question papers of third semester cost accounting paper from the attachment.

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