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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BBA 3rd Semester Business Mathematics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Bachelor of Business Administration course offered by the Punjab Technical University is highly popular among students of the state of Punjab and the university offers this course through its Directorate of Distance Education as well for the benefit of students belonging to the other states as well.

    About BBA course:

    The BBA course offered Punjab Technical University is divided into six semesters and the course is offered in specializations like finance, human resource management, information technology and marketing as well in addition to general BBA course.

    Subjects offered in the third semester of the BBA course:

    The third semester, which falls in the second year of the BBA course offered by PTU through distance education, includes the following papers:

    Business Mathematics
    Cost Accounting
    Logistics Management
    Human Resource Management
    Production & Operation Management
    Information Technology in Management

    Syllabus of Business Mathematics paper:

    Business Mathematics is a subject with code number BBA-301, which indicates that it is the first paper in the third semester of the BBA course. The Paper ID is B0112 and it has the following syllabus:

    Section I: Set theory, logical statements and truth tables, real number system, linear and quadratic equation. Permutations and combinations

    Section II: Binomial theory, arithmetic and geometric progressions, functions, limitations and continuity, differential calculus (including maxima and minima; excluding trigonometric functions).

    Section III: Integral calculus Integration by parts, by substitution, by partial fractions and its applications to business (excluding trigonometric functions).
    Matrix: Algebraic (including simultaneous equations, gauss limitation methods and their application to business).

    Previous year question papers:

    BBA students of PTU Distance education can download previous years questions papers of Business Management paper from the attachment.

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