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    Download Punjab Technical University Distance Education BBA 2nd Semester Database System Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University is shortly called as PTU and as from the name of the university, it can be understood that the university offers technical education courses in a number of faculties. The university offers courses under the faculties of information technology, management, hotel management, mass communication, etc… through its distance education directorate.

    PTU’s BBA:

    Among the different courses offered by PTU through distance education, BBA is a course that has gained importance among the students. The course extends to a period of the three years divided into six semesters with six papers including seminar in the second semester of the course.

    Second semester subjects:

    The subjects offered in the second semester of the BBA course offered by PTU are as follows:

    • Organizational Behavior
    • Marketing Management
    • Macro Economics
    • Basic accounting
    • Database System
    • Seminar

    Syllabus of Database System paper:

    Database System is a subject with code number BBA-205, which indicates that it is the fifth paper in the second semester of the BBA course. The Paper ID is B0111 and it is a theoretical subject with the following syllabus:

    Section I: Role of Database and its utilization
    Section II: sorting and indexing of databases
    Section III: Report forms

    Question paper pattern:

    The question paper for Database system will have two parts with part A having 15 short answer questions carrying two marks each and part B with 12 long answer questions carrying 5 marks each and any five are to be answered. Total marks for Part A is 30 and for Part B is 45 thereby making a total of 75 marks to be completed in three hours.

    Previous year question papers:

    BBA students of PTU Distance education can download previous years questions papers of Database system paper from the attachment.

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