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    Download Punjab Technical University Directorate of Distance Education BBA 5th Semester Entrepreneurship Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Directorate of Distance Education of Punjab Technical University, which is a popular technical university. It offers a number of courses of which the Bachelor of Business Administration course extends to a period of three years.

    Fifth semester of the BBA course:

    The course is divided into five semesters and the following papers are offered in its fifth semester:

    Business Environment
    Specialization Major I
    Specialization Major II
    Specialization Major III
    Training report

    About Entrepreneurship paper:

    Paper ID for this subject is B0124 and its subject code is BBA-502 and syllabus for the subject includes the following:

    Section I

    Definition of entrepreneurship - A conceptual model of entrepreneurship - Views of Schumpeter, Walker and Drucker - Entrepreneurship culture - trail of a true entrepreneur.
    Entrepreneur & Manager.

    Entrepreneurial Motivation - Motivation factors - entrepreneurial ambitions Compelling factors - Facilitating factors - The Achievement Motivation Theory - The Kakinada Experiment Establishing idea - Source of ideas, idea processing - selection of idea-input requirement, personnel finance, information and intelligences - Role of industrial fairs. Start your own business or buy an existing one: Advantages and disadvantages. Evaluating the existing business.

    Section II:

    Policy Incentive for entrepreneurial growth small scale Industrial Policy-Meaning of incentives and subsidies. Need for incentives and subsidies - Institutions assisting entrepreneurs - Role of District Industry Centres.

    Directorate of Industries of States Govt. - State small Industrial Corporation. Entrepreneurial Guidance Bureau - Small Industry Extension Training Institutes - Technical consultancy organizations Commercial Banks.

    Section III:

    Definition of small business - The benefits & opportunities of small business ownership - The potential drawbacks of entrepreneurship. Strategic Planning for small business - steps in Strategic Planning.

    Steps for starting a small industry - Selection of product form of ownership, Preparation of project report, Registration as SSI, Power connection obtaining licence compliance under Factories Act, Arrangement of finances, Presentation of Project Report.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Entrepreneurship paper are given in the attachment.

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