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    Download Punjab Technical University Directorate of Distance Education BBA 4th Semester Operations Research Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University’s Directorate of Distance Education offer a number of courses and of these courses, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course has acquired great value among the students.


    Bachelor of Business Administration course offered by the university extends to a period of three years and the names of papers offered in the fourth semester of the course are given below:

    • Research Methodology
    • Financial Management
    • Operations Research
    • Legal Environment of Indian Business
    • Project Management

    In addition to these theory papers in the fourth semester of BBA course, there is a practical paper in which candidates will have to attend seminar.

    About Operations Research:

    The subject code of this paper is BBA-403 since it is offered as the third paper in the fourth semester of the BBA course. Paper ID for this subject is B0120 and it is theory paper with its syllabus divided into three sections as given below:

    Section I:

    Linear Programming: Formulation of L.P. problems, Graphic Solution, Simplex Methods & Duality, Emphasis will be on Formulation & interpretation.

    Section II:

    Elementary Transportation Problem: N.W. Corner rule, Vogels approximation method (VAM), Assignment problems.
    Decision Theory: Pay off table, opportunity loss table, decision trees for sequential decisions.

    Section III:

    expected value of perfect information and sample information. Decision under certainty. Uncertainty and risk.
    Game Theory, Inventory Control-EOQ, EOQ with price breaks, ABC analysis.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous Years Question papers of BBA-403 paper of PTU DDE are given in the attachment.

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