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    Download Punjab Technical University Directorate of Distance Education BBA 4th Semester Financial Management Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University is meant for offering technical education courses and the university offers technical education through distance education mode as well through its Directorate of Distance Education. The two main disciplines under which distance education courses are offered by the university include applied technologies and IT & Management. BBA course is offered under the category of IT & Management under the sub-category of Management along with four other courses.

    BBA from PTU DDE:

    BBA course extends to a period of three years with six semesters and the course is offered in different specializations like finance, human resource development, information technology and management and the names of subjects offered in the fourth semester of the course are given below:

    Research Methodology
    Financial Management
    Operations Research
    Legal Environment of Indian Business
    Project Management

    Syllabus of Financial Management paper:

    Financial Management is offered as the second paper in the fourth semester of the BBA course and to denote the same, the subjects is offered with its code number as BBA-402. The paper ID for this subject is B0119 and the syllabus for this paper is divided into the following sections:

    Section I:

    Scope of Financial Management, Traditional Approach, Modern approach, Investment Decision, Financing Decision, Dividend decision, Objectives of Financial management, Profit Maximization vs Wealth Maximization.

    Section II:

    Capital Budgeting-Meaning, importance and various techniques-accounting rate of return, pay back method, net present value, net terminal value, internal rate of return, profitability index method.
    Measurement of cost of capital: cost of debt, cost of preference shares, costs of equity shares, calculation of overall cost of capital based on Historical and Market Weights.

    Section III:

    Operating and Financial Leverage, Capital Structure Decision. NI approach, NOI approach, MM approach, Traditional approach.
    Working Capital Management-Definition, importance, factors affecting working capital. Sources of raising working capital finance.

    Previous year question papers:

    Previous Years question papers of fourth semester Financial Management paper of PTU DDE are given in the attachment.

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