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    Download Punjab Technical University B. Tech First Semester Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EE-101) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University is a university meant for offering technical education courses at the UG and at the PG level from the state of Punjab. When it comes to technical education offered by the university, courses under the faculties of catering technology, hotel management, engineering, management, pharmacy and architecture are offered by the university.

    B. Tech from PTU:

    B. Tech course is offered by Punjab Technical University in different branches and the first semester of the course has common subjects for all branches of engineering and the names of these common subjects in the first semester of the course are given below:

    Engineering Physics
    Engineering Mathematics I
    Communicative English
    Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    Human Values and Professional Ethics

    Apart from these theoretical papers, there are also practical papers in the first semester of the B. Tech course, which is common for all branches of engineering.

    Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

    The code number for this subject is EE-101 and it is offered in the first year first semester of B. Tech courses offered by the Punjab Technical University.

    Syllabus for Electrical & Electronics Engineering in PTU:

    Syllabus for this paper is divided into two parts with Electrical Engineering subjects in the part A of the course and Electronics Engineering in Part B of the courses with the following chapters:

    Part A: Electrical Engineering:

    Direct Current (DC) Circuits
    Alternating Current (AC) Fundamentals
    Magnetic Circuits and Transformer
    Rotating Electrical Machines

    Part B: Electronics Engineering:

    Semiconductor Devices
    Digital Electronics

    Suggested reading books and reference books for Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

    A Course in electrical and electronic Measurements & Instumentation by A.K Sawhney, Dhanpat Rai & Co
    Electrical Technology, Edward Hughes, Addisin Wesley Longman Limited
    A Textbook of Electrical Techology by B.L Theraja.& A.K Theraja, S Chand publishers
    Basic Electrical and Electronics and Computer Engineering by R Muthusubramanian, S Salivahanan,K A Muraleedharan, Tata McgrawHil

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    PTU B. Tech students can download previous years question papers of First Year Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering paper from the attachment.

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