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    Download Punjab Technical University B. Tech First/Second Semester Group-A Engineering Physics (PH-101) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University offers a number of technical education courses and Bachelor of Technology course offered by the university is popular among the students of the state of Punjab.

    First/Second semester of B. Tech course:

    B. Tech course is offered by the university in different branches and for all branches of engineering, the first two semester papers are common and they are grouped under two being physics group and chemistry group. Physics group is called as Group A, while chemistry Group is called as Group B. The list of papers offered as common papers in the first two semesters under physics groups is given below:
    First/second semester papers in physics group:

    • Engineering Physics
    • Engineering Mathematics – I
    • Communicative English
    • Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    • Human Values and professional ethics
    • Engineering physics lab
    • Communicative English lab
    • Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab
    • Manufacturing Practice

    About Engineering Physics paper:

    This paper is offered both in the first and second semester under physics group and its code number of PH101 and its syllabus is divided into two parts as given below:

    • Part A:

    o EM waves & dielectrics
    o Magnetic Materials & Superconductivity
    o Elements of Crystallography
    o Lasers

    • Part B:

    o Fibre Optics
    o Special Theory of relativity
    o Quantum theory
    o Nanophysics

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of engineering physics paper (both first and second semester) are given in the attachment.

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