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    Download Punjab Technical University B. Tech First/Second Semester Group-B Engineering Chemistry (CH-101) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Punjab Technical University is one among the different universities meant for offering technical education in India and as from the name the university offers education from the state of Punjab.

    First and Second semester B. Tech course:

    First and second semester papers in the B. Tech course offered by Punjab Technical University has common papers for all branches of engineering and for each branch either physics group (group A) papers or chemistry group (group B) papers will be offered in the first and second semesters. Here is the list of common theory papers in the first and second semester of the B. Tech course under chemistry group:

    Theory Papers under Chemistry Group:

    Engineering Chemistry
    Engineering Mathematics II
    Elements of Mechanical Engineering
    Fundamentals of Computer Programming and Information Technology
    Environmental Science
    Engineering Drawing

    Syllabus for Engineering Chemistry paper:

    The code number of this common paper is CH-101 and syllabus for this paper includes the following chapters under part A and Part B:

    Part A:

    Spectroscopy and its Applications
    Water and its Treatment
    Green Chemistry and its applications

    Part B:

    Corrosion and its prevention
    Polymers and reinforced composites

    Pattern of Engineering Chemistry Paper:

    Maximum marks allotted for this paper in semester examination is 60 and the paper will have three sections. All questions in Section A are compulsory and 2 marks will be allotted for each question. Section B and C will have four questions each and any five questions are to be answered from these sections with each question carrying 8 marks.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous years question papers of engineering chemistry subject are given in the attachment.
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