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    Download Punjab Technical University B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Third Semester Computer Architecture (CS-201) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The objective of computer architecture paper that is offered in the third semester of the B. Tech computer science engineering course is to offer a good understanding to the students about the different functional units of a computer system in such a way that they become eligible for designing a fundamental computer system. Finally, he/she is exposed to the latest trends in distributed and parallel computing and multi-threaded application. The code number of the paper is CS-201 and its syllabus includes the following:

    Syllabus for CS-201 paper:

    Principles of computer design
    Basic computer organization
    CPU Design
    Memory hierarchy design caches
    I/O Modes
    I/O Performance measures
    Performance evaluation

    References/text books for the paper:

    Patterson and Hennessy, Computer Architectures, Morgaon Kauffman, San Mateo, CA, USA, 1992.
    P.Pal Chaudhary, Computer Organization and Design Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1994.
    P.V.S. Rao, Perspectives in Computer Architecture, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., NEW Delhi,1994.
    M.R. Bhujade, Digital Computer Design Principles, Pitamber Publishing Co., 3rd Edition, 1996.

    Pattern of question paper:

    There will be questions under three sections with section A, B and C each carrying 20 marks. All questions in section A, any four out of five in Section B and any two out of three in Section should be answered by students.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of computer architecture paper belonging to the years 2004-2011 are given in the attachment.

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