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    Download Public Service Commission West Bengal Departmental Examination for Officers of Indian Administrative Services Criminal Law and Law of Evidence Previous Years Question Papers

    Like other states, the state of West Bengal also has a public service commission called as PSCWB and it is functioning with a secretary, a chairman and three other members for taking care of its functions. The commission not only conducts fresh recruitment examinations, but also conducts departmental examination for promotion of candidates for higher positions.

    Departmental examinations for Indian Administrative Services conducted by PSCWB:

    For the purpose of offering promotion to the IAS officers, a department examination is conducted by the PSCWB and here are some details regarding the Criminal Law and Law of Evidence paper in this departmental examination:

    About Criminal Law and Law of Evidence Paper in departmental examination for IAS:

    Criminal Law and Law of Evidence paper is denoted as Law Paper -1 and another paper with the same code is Land laws of West Bengal and General Laws.

    Question paper pattern:

    Criminal law and law of evidence paper will be conducted for 100 marks and candidates will have to secure 50% of marks for clearing the examination. The test will be conducted for three hours and there will be two sections in the paper. In Group A any four questions are to be answered from a total of 6 questions and this includes question No.1 which is a compulsory question, Group B will have 3 questions out of which any two are to be answered by candidates.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous Years question papers of Criminal law and law of evidence paper of the departmental examination for IAS are given in the attachment.

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