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    Download Nalanda Open University Master of Arts in Political Science Part I Paper VIII Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Master of Arts in Political Science course is offered by Nalanda Open University through its School of Social Sciences, which offers five other Master of Arts courses in subjects being sociology, public administration, psychology, geography and rural development.

    Course duration:

    The duration of Master of Arts in Political Science is two years and totally eight papers are offered in the first year of the course, while eight other papers are offered in the second year of the course. Some of the papers offered in the first year of the course include:

    History of modern political thought
    Classical Political Theory
    Contemporary Political Theory
    Comparative Government and Politics
    Comparative Political Process
    International Politics
    India and the world

    About Paper VIII of Part I:

    Paper VIII is offered in the first year of M.A. Political Science course and this paper is called as India and the World. Annual examination for this paper is conducted by the university for 80 marks to be completed within three-hour duration. The paper will have 10 questions in total out of which any five are to be answered by candidates. Equal marks is allotted for each of these five questions, which amount to 16 marks for every correct answer making a total of 80 marks.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past three question papers of Nalanda Open University M.A. Political Science Paper VIII paper are given in the attachment.

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