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    Download Mumbai University Bachelor of Engineering Second Semester Applied Mathematics-II Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Mumbai University is a multi-faculty university offering education under a number of faculties like fine arts, library science, communication & journalism, social sciences, education, languages, etc… Even engineering courses are being offered by the university.

    B.E. from Mumbai University:

    Like other universities, the Bachelor of Engineering course offered by the Mumbai University also extends to a period of four years and engineering degree is conferred by the university in different branches like mechanical, information technology, computer science, electronics & telecommunication, etc… Even though, different branches of engineering degrees are offered by the university the first two semesters of all branches of engineering have the same papers and the names of common subjects offered in the second semester of the Bachelor of Engineering course from Mumbai University are given below:

    Common subjects in Second Semester of B.E course:

    • Applied Mathematics – II
    • Engineering Drawing
    • Communication Skills
    • Computer Programming – II
    • Applied Physics – II
    • Applied Chemistry – II

    Syllabus for Applied Mathematics – II paper in the Second Semester of B.E. Course:

    Syllabus for Applied Mathematics – II Paper in the second semester of the course includes the following chapters:

    • 2.1 Beta and Gamma functions, Differentiation under integral sign
    • 2.2 Differentiation Equations of first order and first degree
    • 2.3 Numerical solutions of differential equations of first order and first degree, Differential equations of order n.
    • 2.4 Linear Differential equations with variable coefficients. Method of variation of parameters and Rectification
    • 2.5 Integral Calculus-Double Integral
    • 2.6 Integral Calculus-Triple Integral and application of double and triple integrals, computer oriented techniques

    Recommended books for Applied Mathematics – I paper:

    • Elementary Differential Equation, E.d. rainville. P.E & R.E Bedient. Prentice Hall, 8th edition.
    • Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Erwin Kreyszing. wiley India 8th Ed.
    • A textbook of Applied Mathematics, P.N. & J.N. Wartikar. volume 1 & @ . Pune vidyarthi Griha.
    • Differential Equation. Ross.. wiley India. 3rd Ed.
    • Higher Engineering Mathematics. Dr. B.S. Grewal. Khanna Publications

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past years question papers of Applied Mathematics-II (common paper) in the second semester of the B.E. course are given in the attachment.

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