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    Download Mumbai University Bachelor of Engineering Second Semester Applied Chemistry - II Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Mumbai University offers Bachelor of Engineering course in a number of specializations and irrespective of the specialization chosen by candidates, they are offered with the same papers in the first two semester of the Bachelor of Engineering course and here is the list of common papers offered in the second semester of the Bachelor of Engineering course under Mumbai University.

    Second Semester Common Papers:

    Engineering Drawing
    Applied Mathematics II
    Applied Physics II
    Applied Chemistry II
    Communication Skill II
    Computer Programming II

    About Applied Chemistry II paper:

    Semester examination for applied chemistry II paper is conducted by Mumbai University for 100 marks, which includes 75 marks for theoretical paper and 25 marks for team work. Syllabus for this paper includes chapters under six modules and they are:

    Composite Materials
    Green Chemistry

    Question paper pattern for Applied Chemistry II:

    The question paper will have 7 questions out of which any five are to be answered with each question carrying 15 marks thereby making 75 marks in total. In the question paper, candidates will have to compulsorily answer question no.1, which will have questions from the entire syllabus and remaining questions will be mixed in nature.

    Recommended books for Applied Chemistry II Paper:

    Modem Engineering physics A S Vasudeva S shand
    Understanding Physics, Cummins, wiley India
    Fundamentals of optics, Jenkins & white Me Graw-Hill Int.
    Fundamentals of Physics, Holliday/ Resnick white India 6th edition

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Question papers of May and December exams for Applied Chemistry II paper conducted in the years 2008 to 2011 are given in the attachment.

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