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    Download Mumbai University Bachelor of Engineering First Semester Computer Programming -I Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Mumbai University offers the best higher education in different disciplines through its Kalinga Campus, Ratnagiri Campus and Fort Campus.

    Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University:

    The University of Mumbai offers Bachelor of Engineering course in different branches of engineering and the subjects in the first two semester of the engineering course, which spreads over eight semesters are common. Only from the third semester (i.e.) second year of the B.E. Course subjects for each branch of engineering differs from the other.

    Subjects taught in the First Semester of the Bachelor of Engineering course:

    The First semester of the Bachelor of Engineering Course offered by the Mumbai University has the following subjects in common:

    Applied Mathematics I
    Engineering Mechanics
    Basic of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    Computer Programming I
    Applied Physics I
    Applied Chemistry I

    Syllabus for Computer Programming-I:

    This subject, which is common for all branches of engineering of Mumbai University is being offered in the first year-first semester of the course and a broad outline of the syllabus covered under this subjects is given below:

    Structured Programming using C++
    Data Input and output
    Introduction to object oriented programming in C++
    Late Binding, friend functions, object as function parameter

    Pattern of Question paper:

    The examination for Computer Programming-I will be conducted for 100 marks with three hours duration. Out of the total seven questions, first question is compulsory and any other four questions are to be answered.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    B.E. aspirants of Mumbai University can download previous years question papers of Computer Programming-I from the attachment.

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