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    Download Mumbai University B.E. Electronics Engineering Third Semester Basic of Electronic Circuits Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Mumbai University offers Bachelor of Engineering course in branches like Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & telecommunication engineering, computer engineering and electronics engineering.

    B.E Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University:

    This course offered by Mumbai University extends to a period of four years, which includes eight semesters and the list of papers offered in the third semester of the B.E. Electronics Engineering course is given below:

    Papers in third semester of B.E. Electronics Engineering course:

    Engineering Mathematics
    Basic of Electronics Circuits
    Digital System Design 1
    Electrical Network Analysis & Synthesis
    Control System Engineering
    Presentation & communication techniques

    Evaluation system followed for Basic of Electronics Circuits paper:

    The evaluation system followed by Mumbai university includes examination for 200 marks in total, which includes 25 marks for team work, 25 marks for oral examination, 50 marks for practical examination and 100 marks for theoretical examination. Syllabus for this paper includes chapters under the following heads:

    Semiconductor materials and diodes
    Diode Circuits
    The Bipolar junction transistor
    Basic BJT Amplifiers
    The Field Effect transistor
    Basic FET Amplifiers

    Text books for the paper:

    Microelectronics Circuits (Analysis and Design) By Mohammad Rashid, Cengage Learning
    Martin Roden, Gordon Carpenter, William Wieserman, Electronic Design, Fourth Edition, Shroff Publishers
    Robert L. Boylestad Louis Nashelsky, Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, Sixth Edition, Pentice Lay India
    Donald A. Neaman, Electronic Circuit analysis and design, Second edition, McGraw Hill International

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Basic of Electronic Circuit paper of third semester of electronics engineering course are given in the attachment.

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