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    Download Maharashtra State Service Main Examination Civil Engineering Paper - II Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Maharashtra State Service Examination is conducted by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission and it is one among the different recruitment examination conducted by the commission.

    About Maharashtra State Service Examination:

    The State Service Examination in Maharashtra is conducted in two stages and the first stage is called as preliminary examination, which is common for all candidates applying for the State Service Examination. While candidates getting through the preliminary examination, will be invited for the second stage called as main examination. The main examination also has four compulsory papers as Part A, which is common for all candidates, while the main examination has 34 optional papers as part B. Here, candidates are permitted to choose the subject of their interest.

    Syllabus of Civil Engineering Paper-II in Maharashtra State Service Examination:

    Civil Engineering is one among different optional papers in the Maharashtra State Service Examination with code number as 403. Syllabus for the paper II of Civil Engineering is divided into four sections as follows:

    Section A (50 marks): Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow and Hydraulic Machines

    o Properties of Fluid and Fluid Statics, Kinematics and Dynamics of Fluid flow, Equations of Fluid flow and Applications, Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
    o Laminar and Turbulent Flow, Turbulent flow through pipes
    o Open channel flow
    o Hydraulic Machines and Hydropower

    Section B (50 marks): Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

    o Hydrology and ground water flow
    o Water Resources Engineering
    o Water requirements of crops, Canals, Canal structures, Storage works, Water logging

    Section C (50 marks): Surveying and Transportation Engineering

    o Surveying
    o Railways
    o Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering

    Section D (50 marks): Environmental Engineering

    o Water Supply, Intake of water, Water storage and distribution
    o Sewerage systems, Sewage characterisation, Sewage treatment, Plumbing in public buildings, Solid waste
    o Environmental pollution

    Previous years question papers:

    Candidates taking up Civil Engineering as their optional subject can download previous years question paper of Paper II from the attachment.

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