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    Download Maharashtra State Service Main Examination Civil Engineering Paper - I Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Maharashtra State Service Examination is one among the different recruitment examination conducted by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission and this examination is conducted for the purpose of recruitment of candidates to the positions in the state service organizations.

    About Maharashtra State Service Examination:

    The Maharashtra State Service Examination is conducted in two stages of which the first stage is the preliminary stage and the second stage being the main stage. Preliminary examination is conducted for distilling of candidates applying for Maharashtra State Services to the main examination and the main examination has 34 different optional papers for the candidates to choose their appropriate subject of interest. This examination is conducted in such a way as to assess the subject knowledge of the candidates in that particular subject in which they did their higher studies.

    Syllabus of Civil Engineering Paper-I in Maharashtra State Service Examination:

    Civil Engineering is one among the 34 optional papers in the Maharashtra State Service Examination with code number as 403. Syllabus for the paper I of Civil Engineering is divided into four sections as follows:

    Section A (50 marks): Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis

    o Statics
    o Kinematics and Kinetics
    o Strength of Materials
    o Torsion and Elastic stability of columns
    o Deflection of beams
    o Structural Analysis
    o Arches
    o Matrix methods of analysis
    o Plastic Analysis of beams and frames

    Section B (50 marks): Design of Steel, Concrete and Masonry Structures

    o Structural Steel Design
    o Reinforced Concrete Structures
    o Water tanks
    o Prestressed concrete
    o Design of Masonry Structures

    Section C (50 marks): Geo Technical Engineering

    o Soil properties and soil classification
    o Seepage through soils
    o Compressibility and consolidation
    o Earth pressure
    o Soil exploration
    o Foundations

    Section D (50 marks): Construction Technology, Equipment and Management

    o Construction Materials
    o Building components and their functions
    o Functional planning of building
    o Construction Equipment
    o Construction Management
    o Elements of Engineering Economics

    Previous years question papers:

    Candidates taking up Civil Engineering as their optional subject can download previous years question paper of Paper I from the attachment.

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