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    Download Maharashtra State Service Main Examination Chemistry Paper - II Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Maharashtra Public Service Commission is responsible for conducting Maharashtra State Service Examination and this examination is conducted for the purpose of selection of candidates to different states services in Maharashtra.

    About State Service Examination:

    State Service Examination is conducted in two stages being preliminary stage and main stage. The preliminary examination is common for all candidates, while main examination is further divided into two namely compulsory subjects and optional subjects. Compulsory subjects include General Studies, English and Marathi, while there are 34 optional subjects and candidates can choose the subject in which they have knowledge in among these three 34 optional papers.

    Syllabus of Chemistry Paper-II:

    Chemistry is one among the 34 optional papers available in the Maharashtra State Service Examination and the code number of this paper is 602. Syllabus for the paper II of Chemistry is divided into four sections as follows:

    Section A (50 marks):

    o Structure, bonding and reaction mechanism
    o Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds
    o Absorption Spectroscopy - Theory, principle and applications
    o Alkenes, Dienes and Alkynes

    Section B (50 marks):

    o Arenes and Aromaticity
    o Alcohols and Phenols
    o Aldehydes and Ketones
    o Carboxylic Acids
    o Organic Compounds of Nitrogen
    o Organosulphur and Heterocyclic Compounds containing nitrogen atom

    Section C (50 marks):

    o Organic Synthesis via Enolates
    o Carbohydrates
    o Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins and Nucleic Acids
    o Synthetic Polymers
    o Synthetic Dyes
    o Green Chemistry

    Section D (50 marks):

    o Electrochemistry
    o Elementary Quantum Mechanics
    o Photochemistry
    o Computers

    Previous years question papers:

    Candidates taking up chemistry as their optional subject can download previous years question paper of Paper II from the attachment.

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