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    Download Maharashtra State Service Main Examination Chemistry Paper - I Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Maharashtra State Service Examination is held by the Public Service Commission of the state of Maharashtra and this examination is one among the different recruitment examinations conducted by the MPSC. The state service examination conducted by the MPSC is divided into stages like preliminary examination and main examination. While the preliminary examination is common for all candidates, the main examination is conducted in different subjects to enable the candidates to choose the subject in which they have wide knowledge. Main examination is further divided into Category A and Category B and Category A has four papers and Category B has 34 optional papers.

    Syllabus of Chemistry Paper-I:

    Chemistry is one among the different optional subjects of State Service Main Examination and the subject code for chemistry paper is 602. The syllabus for Paper I of chemistry is divided into four sections with questions worth 50 marks from each section and the subjects covered under each of these sections are:

    Section A:

    o Atomic Structure
    o Chemical Bonding
    o s-Block Elements
    o p-Block Elements
    o Chemistry of Elements of First, Second and Third Transition Series
    o Coordination Compounds

    Section B:

    o Metal-ligand Bonding in Transition Metal Complexes
    o Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal Complexes
    o Electron Spectra of Transition Metal Complexes
    o Chemistry of Lanthanide Elements
    o Chemistry of Actinides
    o Organometallic Chemistry

    Section C:

    o Bioinorganic Chemistry
    o Acids and Bases
    o Non-aqueous Solvents
    o Gaseous States
    o Liquid State
    o Solid State
    o Colloidal State

    Section D:

    o Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis
    o Thermodynamics
    o Phase Equilibrium
    o Environmental Safety and Waste disposal

    Previous years question papers:

    Candidates taking up chemistry as their optional subject can download previous years question paper of Paper I from the attachment.

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