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    Download Lingaya's University First Year Bachelor of Technology Physics (PH-101) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    PH-101 or physics paper is offered as a common paper for all students irrespective of the specialization taken by them in the B. Tech course with Lingaya’s University. Objective of this paper is to education the students with the current day physical sciences through concepts like EM theory, acoustics, optics, etc…

    Chapters in PH-101 paper:

    • Interference
    • Diffraction
    • Polarization
    • Laser and fibre optics
    • Special theory of relativity
    • Electro Magnetic theory and electrostatics
    • Ultrasonics

    Text and reference books for the paper:

    • Avadhunulu and Kshirsagar, “A Text Book of Engineering Physics”, S. Chand & Co.
    • Sears, F.W., “Electricity and Magnetism”, Narosa
    • Arthur Beiser, “Perspectives of Modern Physics”, Tata McGraw Hill
    • Vasudeva, A.S., “Modern Engineering Physics”, S. Chand & Co.
    • Resnick and Halliday, “Physics Vol. I-II”, Wiley Eastern
    • Brij Lal and Subramanyam, “A Text Book of Optics” S. Chand & Co.
    • Brij Lal and Subramanyam, “A Text Book of Sound” S. Chand & Co.
    • Wehr, Richards and Adair, “Physics of the Atom”, Narosa

    Of the above-mentioned books, first is the text book and others are reference books.

    Pattern of question paper:

    The question paper will have questions under three parts and totally there will be 8 questions out of which any five are to be answered. First question is compulsory and this question form the section A of the paper and four other questions are to be answered by selecting two from section B and two from section C.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of PH-101 paper of Lingaya’s University B. Tech are given in the attachment.

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