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    Download Lingaya's University First Year Bachelor of Technology Applied Physics (PH-102) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Normal duration of the Bachelor of Technology course offered by the Lingaya University is four years, which comprises of 12 trimesters otherwise called as terms. The university offers B. Tech course in two modes namely project mode and second is internship mode.

    Components in the B. Tech course:

    The entire course package of the regular B. Tech course offered by the university with project mode will include components like general courses, basic science & mathematics, engineering science and technical arts, core courses and elective courses. Furthermore, the elective courses are divided into different types like departmental elective, open elective, project or internship, major project/internship, industrial training and mandatory learning courses.

    About Applied Physics paper:

    The code number of this paper is PH-102 and this paper is offered under the component called basic science & mathematics including computer (BSM). The objective of this paper is to education students with the current day physical sciences through concepts like super conductivity, thermal physics, quantum physics, nanotechnology, etc… Syllabus for this paper includes the following:

    • Crystal structure
    • Quantum physics
    • Free Electron theory
    • Band theory and nano technology
    • Thermal Physics
    • Magnetic properties of solids
    • Superconductivity

    Text book and reference books for the paper:

    • Avadhunulu and Kshirsagar, “A Text Book of Engineering Physics”, S. Chand & Co.
    • Kittel, Charles “Introduction to Solid State Physics”, John Wiley Powell and Crasemann, “Quantum Mechanics”, Oxford and IBH
    • Aggarwal, R.S., “Thermal Physics and Statistical Physics”, MTG Books.
    • Saxena, B.S., and Gupta, R.C., “Fundamentals of Solid State Physics”, Pragati Prakashan.
    • Pillai, “Solid State Physics”, New Age
    • Ghatak and Loknathan, “Quantum Mechanics”, McMillan
    • Beiser, Arthur, “Modern Physics”, Tata McGraw Hill.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Applied Physical paper are given in the attachment.

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