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    Download Lingaya's University First Year Bachelor of Technology Applied Mathematics - II (MA-102) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Lingaya’s University offers Bachelor of Technology course in different branches and for all the branches, papers in the first year is grouped under different categories for the candidates to choose from.

    About Applied Mathematics – II paper:

    Applied Mathematics – II paper has its code number as MA-102 and this paper is offered in the first year under the category of Basic Science & Mathematics including Computer (BSM) along with the following other theoretical papers:

    • Applied Chemistry
    • Computer Programming
    • Applied Mathematics – I
    • Applied Numerical Methods
    • Physics
    • Applied Physics

    Objective of Applied Mathematics – II paper:

    The objective of this subject is to acquaint the students with different tools and concepts of applied mathematics that are soul, basic and that can act as a guide to different engineering subjects. Syllabus for this paper includes the following:

    • Differential equations of higher order and its application
    • Laplace transforms and its applications
    • Evaluation of integrals by Laplace transforms
    • Fourier Transforms
    • Curve tracing
    • Applications of multiple integrals
    • Vector calculus

    Text book and reference books for MA-102 paper:

    • Kreyszig F., "Advanced Engineering Mathematics", 9th Edition, John Wiley, 2006
    • Ross, S. L., “Differential Equation”, Wiley India Publishers
    • Piaggio, H. T. H., “Differential Equations”, 1st Edition, CBS Publishers and Distributors
    • Jain, R. K. and Iyengar, S. R. K. “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, 3rd Edition, Narosa Publishing House
    • Greenberg, D., Michael “Advanced Engg. Mathematics”, 2nd Edition, Dorling Kindersley India Pvt. Ltd.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of MA-102 paper of Lingaya’s University are given in the attachment.

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